Haircut and Blow dry..........$40
Wash, Cut & blow dry
Haircut, Blow dry and Flat Iron.............$50


Blow Dry and Style..........$40+
Wash , Blow-dry and style your hair using tools like curling iron, flat iron, etc.
Formal Updos..........$75
Permanent waves..........$80


H a i r C o l o r

Root Touch Up..........$75
Root Touch - Ammonia Free..........$85
All Over Color..........$85
Double Process Color..........$185+
A double color is best suitable for any client that is looking to cover up grey, but also loves the dimension that highlights may offer.
Partial Highlights..........$150+
Your stylist will place foils, around your face, throughout your crown, or underneath to reflect light.
Full Highlights..........$180+
Face Framing Highlights..........$125+
Face-framing highlights is a technique that concentrates the foil placement on the perimeter bordering the face.
A full balayage color service involves having your colorist hand-paint highlights. This is an ideal option for those who want an all-over lightened head of hair without the constant maintenance that comes with root grow out.
Root Shadow or Root Melt..........$85
Blur or “shadow” the area at the roots where the highlight and natural color meet without completely covering up the highlights. Completely erase any demarcation lines so no one can tell where the natural base color ends and the highlights begin.
Dimensional Color..........$200+
Lowlights and Highlights
Vivids (One Color)..........$200+
Vivid hair coloring is the term used to describe hair that is colored bright with fun colors. It's usually described as “mermaid” rose gold or rainbow “unicorn” hair.
Color Correction.....$75 / hourly
This service would require a proper consultation. Corrective hair color is a color process that must be performed by a professional hair colorist to correct any and all damage caused by a color service gone wrong. Eliminate unwanted colors, correct uneven color, remove brassiness, etc
Bleach all Over.....$75/ hourly
This service would require a proper consultation. Hair strand test will be performed before starting the service.
Gloss and Toner Refresh..........$75+
Toner It’s often used to neutralize unwanted brassiness, enhance natural tones. And if you love your natural color but just want to boost appearance and shine, that can be done with a gloss too.


H a i r T r e a t m e n t s

Intense Hair Repair Treatment..........$85
*Nourishes and hydrates dry hair immediately, eliminating frizz. *Rejuvenates and restores damaged hair by filling in cracked, broken strands. *Gives hair a beautiful, natural shine. *Has a pleasant, soft smell. Hair Botox is a hydro-nutritive, intense treatment that will regenerate malnourished hair strands that have submitted to dulling, dyeing, straightening, highlighting, heat damage, or prolonged exposure to the elements. Over time, these damages leave hair vulnerable, alters its structure and texture, and weakens its keratin chains, rupturing the strands. Hair BotoxTreatment is recommended when the hair is: Dry or frizzy Broken, weak or with little resistance. High porosity. Shredding. Opaque.
Minerals Remover Treatment..........$50+
  • naturally draws out mineral buildup that turns hair brassy, dry and dull
  • removes discoloration caused by iron or copper
  • restores vibrant shine, moisture and manageability to hair
  • soothes dry, flaky scalp by eliminating calcium/lime deposits
  • formulated without sulfates, preservatives, parabens, , gluten and fragrance
  • safe for all ages, all hair types
Olaplex Treatment..........$45+
Olaplex repair damaged and broken bonds. Increase tensile strength and restore elasticity. Protect the hair follicle from further breakage.
Glaze Treatment..........$75
Illuminates natural hair colour through its ammonia-free and tone-on-tone colouration process, for an ultra trendy result with a shiny reflective finish and very soft touch.

Nanoplastia Hair Treatment.................... $180
Nanoplastia is one of the best treatments right now on the market, does not contain formaldehyde , rich in collagen, keratin and a set of nutrients with mild aroma. Reorganize the hair structure, the product work inside of the hair sealing the cuticles, restoring the natural lipids of the hair and leaving the hair more hydrated, softer and with an intense shine, also reduce porosity and frizz.
Brazilian Blowout Hair Smoothing Treatment..........$200
Smoothing treatment actually improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. The end result is smooth, frizz-free hair with radiant shine for up to 10-12 weeks, protects against seasonal damage and cuts daily styling time in half for all hair types and textures. 
Keratin Smoothing Treatment....................$200


L a s h e s & W a x


Lash Extension They will make your eyes ‘pop’, and noticeably more dramatic yet feminine. The lash extension creates effortlessly beautiful eye line, curl, and length of the lashes. You will love skipping the morning eye-makeup routine (phew, no more mascara!).  Lash Extension can take from about 2 to 3 hours for the initial application, depending on the style you want to reach, and how experienced your lash artist is. The fill (touch-up) can take up to an hour or two. You’ll need to get a fill every two to three weeks, clients must have 40% of their extensions left over for it to be considered a fill. Lash bath kit is FREE in your first Lash full set to Keep your lashes clean, longer lasting between fills and helps to avoid possible infections due to buildup & residue from environmental factors.
Lash extensions can last for 4 to 6 weeks until they naturally fall out according to the growth cycle of your natural eyelash. Eyelash extension is a semi-permanent treatment, it should only be done by certified professionals. 
Lash extensions are totally customizable depending on the wearer’s eye shapes and tastes and they can look from very natural to uber dramatic. 

Pre-appointment : Lashes must be fresh and clean, Do not arrive wearing eye makeup, don’t use any oil or product one day on your lashes before your appointment. Remove your contacts, if you wear them. I recommend wear glasses the day of service.

Classic Full Set..........$150
Classic eyelash extensions are simple, beautiful, natural-looking eyelash extensions. They are applied on a 1:1 ratio, which means one extension is attached to one natural lash. This allows you to achieve a natural enhancement.  Classic lashes won’t add much volume but will add length. 

Hybrid Full Set.......$160
Hybrid sets combine the classic and volume technique into one. In this method, some natural lashes get a single extension while others get multiple. Possessing the definition of the classic and the fluffiness of the volume, the hybrid set is the best of both worlds. It’s also good for individuals who have naturally sparse lashes but are still looking for a relatively natural look.

Volume Full Set..........$170
A volume set requires a more advanced technique where a fan of multiple extensions are applied to a single natural lash. These extensions are also thinner to ensure that the fans are lightweight and do not strain your natural lashes. Generally, 3D-12D is the most common range for volume sets. Anything higher than 8D is sometimes referred to as Mega Volume or Russian Volume.

Color Add (10 to 20 lashes)....................$25
Classic Refill (2-3 weeks)..........$50
Hybrid Refill (2-3 weeks)..........$60
Volume Refill (2-3 weeks).......$70
Eyelashes Removal..........$25

Eyelash Lift..........$65
The Keratin Lash Lift is a professional treatment that lifts, curls, and boosts your natural lashes. It is an alternative to eyelash extensions with immediate results. There are no artificial lashes, no glue, no fills, and best of all no maintenance. The Keratin Nourish clear coat treatment strengthens, hydrates, and nourishes lashes. Results last up to 4-6 weeks.
Eyelash Lift and Tint..........$75
Eyelash Tint..........$30
A Lash Tint is a semi-permanent color treatment that enhances your natural eyelashes, giving your lashes a long-lasting mascara effect without the hassle of smudging, running, or clumping lashes. The most dramatic results are for those who have naturally light colored (blonde, gray, light brown) lashes. This service is often combined with a lash lift to make eyelashes really “pop.”
Brows Lamination..........$45
Brows Lamination and Tint..........$60
Brow lamination is a process of restructuring the brow hairs to keep them in a desired shape. It’s the perfect treatment for anyone whose hairs are irregular in direction.
Brows Tint/Henna..........$30
Wax, Eyebrows, chin & lip..........$25

Important: Clients will be asked to sign a consent and waiver form before starting any lash and brows service to make sure the client understanding of Risks, Process and Aftercare. Clients are responsible for reporting any changes regarding health/lifestyle that may affect the outcome of services received.